Fearless Salary Negotiation

A step-by-step guide to getting paid what you're worth

I'm Josh, a team lead and project manager in the consulting industry. I've helped many people make thousands of dollars more by negotiating a higher salary.

You're probably underpaid

Most people don't know they should negotiate their salary, so they're leaving a lot of money on the table.

This book will help you get paid what you're worth by teaching you how to negotiate your salary, when and how to request promotions and raises, and how to ace every interview.

I'll share strategy and tactics that I've learned over a 10-year career in multiple industries to help you get paid what you're worth.

I applied Josh's salary negotiation method and got a much better job where I'm paid what I'm worth. In less than a week, I interviewed for and negotiated a new job with a base salary increase of $15,000!

Shannon Long

Josh has built a very successful career, first in engineering and now in project management. I’m glad he’s finally writing about it so others can learn from his success!

Ryan Delk, Gumroad

Josh’s advice helped me land a better job and a bigger salary with more benefits than I even thought possible.

Fearless Salary Negotiation shows you...

  • How to ace your next interview—Salary negotiation begins with the application and interview process. Acing your interview puts you in a position to command a higher salary.
  • How to estimate your market value—Understanding the market value for your skill set and experience is critical to the negotiation process. I'll who you how to estimate it.
  • How to negotiate your new salary—You should negotiate your salary, not just accept the first offer you get. I'll help you plan and execute your salary negotiation to maximize your pay.
  • How to leave your job on the best possible terms—It's important that you don't burn any bridges when leaving your job. Your future salary negotiations could depend on your reputation.
  • How to get your next promotion—Demonstrate that you're already doing the job you want, then you present a rock solid case and ask to make it official. I'll walk you through the process step-by-step.
  • How to get your next raise—I'll help you understand your value to your company and how to get paid in line with that value.
  • How companies manage their salary structure—When you know how companies structure their salaries, salary negotiations, promotions, and raises make a lot more sense.

For each topic, you'll get specific tactics and precise steps you can take to get paid what you're worth.

About Me

I'm Josh Doody. I studied Computer and Electrical Engineering at the University of Florida, graduating in 2003. Then I worked as an electrical engineer for a Department of Defense contractor for a few years before switching to project management and consulting in the software industry.

It wasn't long before I went back to the University of Florida for my MBA (while still working full-time), finishing in 2011.

In 2012, I moved into project management full-time. Now, I manage a technical team and continue to manage projects of all sizes.

I'm currently writing Fearless Salary Negotiation to help others get paid what they're worth.